The Return

There was a time when the world of Terion was ruled by the Valdari, who brought peace and protection to all. Then a great darkness crept over the world.

The stories say after many years of war, the Valdari met the Shirak in one last great battle, in their own capital city, Tayon Valdar. In the height of the battle, the Valdari sacrificed their lives to destroy the Shirak. It left their once beautiful city in ruins. Their sacrifice did, however, bring peace for many years. Then the darkness once more began to steal over the land.

The legend tells of a day when the Shirak will return and the hope of the people will fade. All would seem lost. A mighty red stallion would appear and find his master, and they would restore peace to Terion. However, in order to do that someone must first convince this mysterious master the land cannot be saved any other way.

The Return Reviews

“Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot even begin to express how much I utterly loved this book. I could not put it down and it was painful when I did… could not wait to get back to it.” – Jennifer

“Adventure, reconciliation, and forgiveness this story has it all! The author writes vivid descriptions and combines it with well-written dialogue to build a truly incredible world.” – Sadyon

“This is a clean fantasy with excellent characters. I enjoyed the pacing and could hardly put the book down. I love books that are filled with hope and good, as this one is.” – Silver

“Ms Newman does a fantastic job of creating a new world and quickly immerses the reader. She keeps the reader on their toes and paints a clear picture of her created world. Healthy relationships, empathy in the right mix, interesting use of scriptures and an ability of making her own philosophy without being too preachy. Worth your money and time and thanks for no in our face romance which I think would weaken a story like this. Well Done!” – Mike