The Books

The Books

Lost Whispers, Trina and her young brother, Evan, find an unusual pendant and are whisked away where they battle and overcome the evil warlord.

The Return, Cade and Ryden, two brothers on opposites of a great conflict that determines who will control Terion.

Turn of the Tides Series, Loslin and his ship of youthful pirates are on a mission to rid Atho of all remnant of child slave labor and find the key to the great mystery of the land.

Prophet’s Revelation, Galen has to choose between what is right and his own flesh and blood while the world stands on the brink of another war.

Madra Rising, the Prince travels toward Eldale in hopes of forming an alliance to save Madra and meets it’s savior on the way.

Birthed Joy, Annika is fleeing from the Stealers, who want to take her child Legend, only to find safety with the people of the forest.




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