Free Short Stories

  •  The Taking of Manhattan Island Cannons – This short story tells of Hamilton’s men taking the cannons off Manhattan Island. Author Christy Newman.
  • A Day in the Life – This is a small collection of one shots for the Turn of the Tides Series.  It can be read at any time, but you will probably enjoy it most after you know the characters, so we suggest you read it after Talwan’s Vengeance.  Authors Sarah and Christy Newman.
  • Reba and Sadriell – This is an award winning short story about a young girl and her guardian angel.  On a trip to a beautiful yet dangerous cave the girl is saved from an unknown danger.  Author Sarah Newman.
  • One Night to Dance – Another award winning story of fairy tale perfection to perfect love.  Author Christy Newman.
  • Truman story – The day president Truman slept through an attempt on his life.  Author Sarah Newman.
  • Res Gestae Divi Augusti – the pact latin. Author Sarah Newman.