Lost Whispers

Trina and her young brother, Evan, find an unusual pendant and are whisked away during their sleep into another world where Trina must save the dying race of dragons. She soon discovers that she is the long-awaited Flame Dragon possessing awesome powers. As she discovers these powers, she gains new friends and battles the evil warlord who is linked to a long-unsolved mystery in American history.

Lost Whispers Reviews

“This is a very creative parallel world fantasy written by and for young readers. That said, I, a senior citizen, enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who still has a sense of FUN.”  – White Dragonon

“There were descriptions that made me FEEL as if I were living the story. And from an 11 year old child, that is absolutely remarkable. This author has incredible talent! When I handed it over to my two tween daughters, they ate it up.”  – Jennifer

“The story grows to an epic adventure which should appeal to young readers who enjoy stories with dragons, particularly fans of Eragon.” – Rachelle