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Lost Whispers – “Any kid who enjoyed the Magic Tree House books but has started to outgrow the early ones should love this book! The characters are consistent and sensible and have exciting adventures. The story has some definite Christian elements, which readers may wish to be aware of when choosing whether to read this book. The story grows to an epic adventure which should appeal to young readers who enjoy stories with dragons, particularly fans of Eragon.

The Return – “Adventure, reconciliation, and forgiveness this story has it all! The author writes vivid descriptions and combines it with well-written dialogue to build a truly incredible world. You have to read it to really appreciate the dynamic the author creates between the characters. Great backstory as well so you can get a feel of emotions the characters went through together. The last chapter gripped my heart! Ryden, Cade, and Milana are characters you want to meet, not to mention the horses!